Face in China – Day 3


We continue our trip in Wuxan and another morning without the gym. After breakfast, I was invited to visit Wuhan University and it was very impressive.  It is a new building with 15 floors; everything is very modern and well-organised. The Department of Orthodontics was incredible. Word spread that I was going to give a talk, so it was attended by professors from other specialities, and in the end there were some 50 people, between professors and students. It was interesting because instead of talking about a specific topic, I gave them “a la carte” orthodontics, meaning that they asked me questions and I answered them looking for an “ad hoc” case or presentation. It was fun and I felt very comfortable with the post-graduate students. It lasted nearly three hours and the best part was when they asked me to be a visiting professor at the University…we’ll see, it is very far away.

Then we took a walk through the University to see the cherry blossoms, which were beautiful, and then we then went back to the airport to catch our flight to Guanghzou. Another oddity is that all the conference rooms have kettles with tea in every station so attendees can serve themselves, and stewards walk through the room filling up the teapots right in the middle of the conference!

Conference room with teapots

Dental school façade

School clinic

With professors and students

Two Chinese women with cherry blossom flowers


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Face en China – Día 3


Seguimos en Wuxan y otra mañana sin gym, y después de desayunar, me han invitado a visitar la Universidad Wuhan y resultó impresionante. Un edificio nuevo de unas 15 plantas todo super moderno y muy bien organizado. El departamento de ortodoncia, precioso. Como corrió la voz que iba dar alguna charla, asistieron profesores de otras especialidades y al final había unas 50 personas entre profesores y alumnos. Fue gracioso porque en vez de dar un tema en concreto, les di ortodoncia a la carta, es decir, me hacían preguntas y les contestaba buscando bien un caso “ad hoc” o una presentación, fue muy divertido y estuve muy a gusto con los post graduados. Estuve casi 3 horas y lo mejor fue que me propusieron ser profesor visitante de la Universidad…ya veremos, aquello está muy lejos.

A continuación nos llevaron a dar un paseo por la universidad para ver los cerezos en flor, preciosos, y luego de nuevo al aeropuerto camino a Guanghzou. Otra curiosidad, todas las salas tienen teteras con te en cada puesto y de esa forma los asistentes se pueden servir ellos mismos y hay azafatas que recorren la sala rellenado las teteras…en plena conferencia !!!!!!

Sala con teteras

Fachada de la escuela dental

Clínica de la escuela

Con profes y alumnos

Dos chinitas con flores de cerezo


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Face in China – Day 2


We are in the city of Wuxan, a provincial city with a population more than 7 million people! Like almost all the cities we visited, it has impressive and beautiful airports that will leave you standing in awe with your mouth wide open.

This morning I was not able to go to the gym or the pool as there was none in the hotel…it is very hard for me to start the day without exercising. Instead of going to the gym, I went to the restaurant to try out the food at 7 in the morning. It was all right but nothing special; I prefer to bite the bullet than complain. After checking over everything and having breakfast, my conference started at 8:05 and I was actually able to speak very well. There were 350 doctors. I gave the same conference that I had given in Shanghai, but I changed the order of the topics and it turned out much better, so I was much more satisfied and the feedback was INCREDIBLE!

After the conference, the head of orthodontics of another university took us on a tour and then invited us out to dinner with a student from Nepal. He treated us really well, it was a great experience. We saw a temple and even though it was closed to the public, with a little bribe they let us go in and of course, with a private tour it was great. After that we had an enormous dinner, it was dish after dish after dish! There was so much food and so many different flavours that in the end I did not know what I ate, but everything was delicious. Finally I got back to the hotel, and after two full days of talks and going non-stop, I was extremely tired and I went to sleep. And that’s the end of the story!

Another oddity is that Chinese restaurants serve hot water, not cold water, with food.

Course Poster

Numbered room


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Face en China – Día 2


Estamos en la ciudad de Wuxan, una ciudad de provincias con más de 7 millones de habitantes !!!! Como casi todas las ciudades que visitamos, unos aeropuertos impresionantes y preciosos, te quedas con la boca abierta.

Hoy por la mañana sin gym y sin piscina ya que no había en el hotel… muy duro para mí empezar el día sin hacer ejercicio. En lugar de gimnasio he ido al comedor a las 7 de la mañana para probar todo y bueno…, aceptable pero nada del otro mundo, pero prefiero hacer de tripas corazón antes de quejarme. Después de revisar todo, a desayunar y a continuación, a las 8:05 empezó mi conferencia y la verdad es que pude hablar con fluidez. Hubo 350 doctores. Di la misma conferencia que en Shanghai pero cambié el orden de los temas y me salió mucho mejor y por tanto, más satisfecho y el feedback IMPRESIONANTE…!!!

Tras la conferencia la jefa de ortodoncia de otra universidad nos llevó de paseo y luego nos invitó a cenar con una alumna de Nepal y su trato fue exquisito, se portó de maravilla. Vimos un templo y aunque estaba cerrado al público, “con un buen soborno” nos dejaron pasar y cómo no, con una visita privada fue genial. Luego la cena “too much”, plato tras plato tras plato… tanta comida y tantos sabores diferentes que al final no sabía lo que comía pero todo muy muy rico, y al final al hotel, y tras dos dias completos de charlas y sin parar, estaba “muerto” y me fui a dormir. Colorín, colorado….

Otra curiosidad, en los restaurantes chinos te sirven agua caliente y no fría !!! con la comida.

Cartel del curso

Sala numerada


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Face in China – Day 1

Hello again!

After my tour of Denmark, my next trip was to China. It was quite a challenge as I went on a very interesting tour of five different cities and I had one or sometimes two conferences in each city. I also did some sightseeing with Pilar. It has been an impressive and very interesting trip…

DAY 1:

It all started in Shanghai. My first course was for about 300 doctors. I always start my day by going to the gym; fortunately my hotel had an amazing gym and a luxurious pool. Later on I had a western/eastern breakfast and my course started at 8am. The Chinese like to get up early, so the conference room was almost full by 8am.  I had two great translators (both orthodontists) and I gave an introduction to FACE, Vertical Control, Extractions and a little about Multidisciplinary Treatment. There was good feedback and a lot of questions. I was really happy when I was told that my lecture was much better than the doctor who spoke about the Damon system! It was a complete success!

At noon I ate Chinese food with the translators. To start, I had Szechuan chicken, it was delicious. Then I had marinated sliced meat in a spicy sauce, which was another delight. Then some so called “fried dumplings”, which were little works of art and very tasty. I really enjoyed everything. After lunch there was another conference and at 17hr we went to the airport to catch our flight to Wuxan. It was a 2-hour flight and we were accompanied by the translators, quite an entourage, but they were very friendly and treated me like a king, so I have no complaints!

The airport is about 50km from the city, so it was an hour by taxi to the hotel. When we finally arrived at the hotel, I went straight to bed because I had spent the whole day talking and standing up and I was really tired. One oddity; in the conference room, the chairs are numbered and the attendees who sign up first get a better seat. It is a good way to get doctors to quickly sign up to courses. I have 4 photos to show you.

The Doc in Shangai

With the event poster

The numbered chairs

With my translators


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