Indian Orthodontic Conference

Dear Friends,

as you can see I am back on the road again…this time to India where I spoke to the Indian Society of Orthodontics at Almedabad…I gave a lecture during the congress..I spoke on the “Relationship Between TMJ and Occlusion” with enormous success,as you can see I am getting more and more invitations to speak on the topic…my material is so convincing that many have to rethink their opinion on the I say during my lecture nothing is black and white…you can not say never or yo can never say always…but rather sometimes and this is my message…I have treated to many patients with success to believe the literature blindly …occlusion plays a role and an important one…

At the same congress I gave the post congress course on Interdisciplinary Treatment: The Future of was attended by over 100 doctors and everyone left very very happy…there is a beautiful anecdote that I must share with all of you and that was before I started the course a gentleman of my age approximately came up to me and told me that after listening to me talk on TMJ he had changed his plane ticket in order to take the post congress course since what I had said impressed him….well after the course finished he took the microphone and told all the young students how lucky they were to have met me early in their carrers and that he unfortunately came to know me late in his career…he encouraged them to do things differently and not accept things as they are….what a compliment oh my God…this was one of the biggest compliments I have ever recieved and it not only makes me happy but it reminds me of the responsibility I have and why I must continue to work hard to not accept things as they are but rather change what I think needs to be changed in order to help our patients…to many patients are getting badly treated in the name of …occlusion is not important….

thnks for your attention in my next blog I will continue to write on my trip to India but next time about my mini vacation running around the Indian countryside….see you


With the group of India