Collège Européeen Orthodontie, ceo 2014

After working for a few weeks I was invited to lecture to the Collège Européen Ortodontie annual meeting which took place in San Sebastián….yes …at home…the French are great at organizing meetings and I think that every three years they organize their annual meeting outside of France and this year they chose San Sebastián, however they in the past have gone to Reunion Island, Guadalupe, Tahiti, etc so Spain was actually very close to home for them.

I gave a precongress lecture for 8 hours on Multidisciplinary Treatment and Early Class II Treatment. The venue was the María Cristina Hotel which makes any event very special and in there were aprox. 100 orthodontists in the course. I really enjoyed myself because many many questions were asked and this for any lectured is proof that they are interested in what you are giving. I must admit 8 hours went by very very fast. The next day I was asked to give a one hour lecture on TMD and Orthodontics…yes again… and this time it was at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre a absolutely beautiful place to give a lecture… I felt like an opera singer je je. The lecture was very well recieved and right after my lecture my good friend Pepe Chaqués lectured. He was also invited to participate and I enjoyed his company very much in fact we spent a few days together in San Sebastian.

After this congress it was back to the office and looking forward to next travel…England !!!!

Dr. Martín(1)

Dr. Martín(2)

San Sebastián, 2014

Sociedad Francesa de Ortodoncia, 2014

Después de trabajar por dos semanas, me invitaron a dar una conferencia en la reunión anual de Collège Européen Ortodontie que tuvo lugar en San Sebastián… sí…en casa… Los franceses son grandes organizadores de eventos y creo que cada tres años organizan su reunión anual fuera de Francia y este año eligieron San Sebastián, sin embargo en el pasado habían ido a Isla Reunión, Guadalupe, Tahití, etc…así que España les quedó realmente muy cerca de su casa en esta ocasión.

Di un curso Pre-Congreso durante 8 horas y hablé acerca de Tratamiento Multidisciplinario y Tratamiento Temprano en Clase II. La sede fue en el Hotel María Cristina que hace a su vez muy especial cualquier evento y allí nos reunimos aprox. 100 ortodoncistas en el curso. Realmente me divertí porque me hicieron muchísimas preguntas y para cualquier conferencia, esto es prueba de que están interesados en lo que están escuchando. Debo admitir que las 8 horas pasaron muy rápido. Al día siguiente me pidieron que diera una conferencia de una hora acerca de ATM y Ortodoncia… sí… otra vez… y esta vez fue en el teatro Victoria Eugenia, un lugar precioso para dar una conferencia…Me sentí como un cantante de ópera, je je je. La conferencia fue muy bien recibida y justo después de mi conferencia, habló mi buen amigo Pepe Chaqués. También fue invitado a participar y disfruté mucho de su compañía y pasamos unos días juntos en San Sebastián maravillosos.

Después de este congreso, volví al trabajo con vistas al  próximo viaje a  ..Inglaterra!!!

Dr. Martín(1)

Dr. Martín(2)

San Sebastián, 2014

60th Meeting of the SEDO , 2014 (Huelva )

After working for a few days it was off to Huelva with my periodontist Iñigo Sada to the Spanish Society of Orthodontic meeting where we presented in the pre-congress course and the topic was “Implant Site Development”.

We spoke for a few hours and were very successful if we take into account the feedback.After our conference we stayed for the entire meeting and enjoyed meeting old and new friends.We also took advantage and listened to many presentations and conferences.

But the best part was taking the car and doing tourism around the region and eating the local foods.After a week of relaxation it was back to the office and working !!! for a few weeks…

The meeting Venue


60 Reunión de la SEDO, 2014 (Huelva)

Después de trabajar durante unos días fui a Huelva a la reunión de la Sociedad Española de Ortodoncia con mi periodoncista Iñigo Sada donde presentamos el curso pre-Congreso, y el tema fue “Desarrollo del lecho implantario”.

Hablamos durante unas cuantas horas y realmente tuvimos éxito si tenemos en cuenta el “feedback”. Después de nuestra conferencia, nos quedamos a toda la reunión y disfrutamos de viejos y nuevos amigos. También aproveché para escuchar muchas presentaciones y conferencias.

Pero la mejor parte fue coger el coche y hacer turismo por la región y degustar los productos locales. Tras una semana de descanso, de nuevo al trabajo!!!!!! Para unas cuantas semanas….

Lugar de conferencias de la SEDO


86e réunion scientifique de la SFODF

After the AAO and the RWISO meeting went back home worked for three weeks and then “drove” with Jaime Valenzuela(an orthodontist who works in our office) to Toulouse, France for the  86th meeting of the French Society of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. I was asked to speak on the subject of TMJ and Orthodontics. As you can see from my other blogs, recently I have been invited to many meetings to speak on the same subject and I think it is because I am speaking about the relationship of occlusion and TMD. Many doctors realize that there is more to TMD than the “biopsychosocial model” and realize that occlusion may indeed play an important role in the development of TMD.

Getting back to the meeting, my conference was very successful and in fact the editor of the French Orthodontic Journal asked me to publish the paper in their journal and we are now in the process of editing and getting the presentation into the form of an article. What was very interesting was that the same editor shared her experience with me of her own situation where she had suffered from poor orthodontic treatment. She explained  how this gave her many problems for many years and only recently when she had her occlusion restored and the vertical dimension recovered she stopped having her problems.

This is not rare, everytime I present my conference on TMD there is always someone from the audience who shares her or his problem where they relate TMD with occlusion. I am sure that better times are near, we can not continue to disregard the TMJ´s in our orthodontic diagnosis. Back to the office….

Street art, everything is not science…

Cathedral of Toulouse